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Constant Yeast Infections In Women – Treat The cause Of The Candida

Around seventy five percent of women will suffer from at least one yeast infection. These infections are caused by an organism that lives in all of use naturally, and this is what makes it so difficult to treat in a lot of women.

The human body keeps this harmless yeast under control when it is running in good health. If its natural defences have been compromised then this organism start to grow in numbers, and then an infection occurs.

Recurrent infection are the result of the same over the counter cream being applied to an infection that it has no chance of curing. All that happens is the yeast becomes resistant, and the cream actually makes it stronger instead of killing it.

When someone has a yeast infection that keeps coming back they assume that they’re not using enough of the treatment so they keep applying more. All this does is makes the infection more resistant, and then it gets more severe.

Because Candida lives naturally in the body it continues to mutate into an infection causing fungus. Until the body’s natural defences are back to full strength, the yeast continues to mutate and cause chronic infections.

Your intestines have a balanced colony of bacteria, and when the good bacteria become low then the bad bacteria and fungus starts multiplying.

Your body will easily start fighting of your infections once you get your friendly bacteria population up to good numbers again. This is achieved by taking probiotics supplements that have billions of live bacteria in them.

Your digestive juices are a problem for poor quality probiotics, and that’s why you have to purchase the right kind. They need to be microencapsulated so they survive the journey through your digestive system, and get to where they are needed most.

Your immune system protects your body against infection as well. This can easily be strengthened with a healthy diet and a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement.

A healthy diet will also help to starve the fungus as fungus loves to eat sugar and refined carbohydrates. While you are feeding it, it will always get stronger, and keep causing you problems.

Your chronic infections will soon come to an end when you strengthen your body’s natural defences, and stop eating foods that feed fungus. You’ll also stop using the anti fungal drugs that have helped to cause your severe infections in the first place.
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Getting Off Of Fluconazole

Getting off of Fluconazole is tough for lot of women. It’s not an addictive drug, but they have gotten their body in a state where it relies on it to keep their chronic yeast infections under control. What they don’t realize is, the treatment they are using is making their yeast infections worse, and the fungus is mutating into a more powerful strain every time they take the Fluconazole.

Training your body

Keeping a yeast infection away is something your body needs to be able to do so in essence you have to train it by strengthening your own natural defenses. If you’re struggling to get off of Fluconazole then you must use a different method of yeast infection treatment. You need to use one that will kill the fungus, and then create an environment in your body that keeps the Candida under control.

Your intestinal flora

You have a bacterial balance in your body that keeps infection causing organisms such as Candida under control. When the balance is upset by something such as antibiotics then the Candida can take control, and then it mutates into a fungus. And it is this fungus that causes your symptoms. Although the symptoms are in your vagina, this isn’t the only place that the fungus is living. It is living in your intestines as well, and it’s feeding on the food you eat every day.

Poor diet high in sugar

If your diet is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates then you have been feeding the fungus with its favorite foods. If you’re in any way attempting to treat recurrent yeast infections then sugar is the first thing that you must cut out of your diet. There are also a lot of other foods that feed fungus, and these need to be avoided as well.

Getting the right help

If you want to get off of Flucoanzole then you need to get the right help so you get your body back to the way it was as quickly as possible. Just eating one wrong food can mean your treatment will go backwards.

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