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Long Term Miconazole Yeast Infection Cream Use

Long term miconazole yeast infection cream use is not something any women should get involved in. These anti fungal creams are only suppose to used once. If you keep on exposing the fungus in your vagina to these creams then you’re only going to create a miconazole resistant yeast infection.

Treat your yeast infection from the cause

Over the counter yeast infection creams are only designed to treat the cause of your fungal infection. The fungus in your vagina isn’t the actual infection, the infection is in your whole body. The only reason you get symptoms such as itching in your vagina is because the fungus love to live in warm moist place.

To successfully treat your yeast infection your body has to stop the yeast mutating into a fungus. Yeast lives in your body naturally, and you haven’t suffered from a yeast infection most of your life because the yeast has been kept under control by your body. The reason you’re suffering with a yeast infection now is because your body has lost that control it had.

Getting the help you need so you can stop your miconazole long term use

Your miconazole use won’t have any effect on the fungus in your body, but it will cause a drug resistant fungus in your vagina. Your body doesn’t need any drugs to cure fungal infections, it can do the job on it’s own once you strengthen your body’s natural defenses.

Sarah Summer can help you strengthen those defenses, and you can read more about how Sarah Summer can help you here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Yeast Infection cure.

Using Diflucan When You Don’t Need It

Taking Diflucan when you don’t need it is not something you should even be considering to do. Taking anti fungal drugs when you don’t have a yeast infection will actually cause a yeast infection. These drugs, whether oral, or cream based are not a preventative for yeast infections. They are only to be used when you have an infection, and should only be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Resistant yeast infections

Resistant yeast infections are on the increase because more women now use anti fungal creams and pills when they don’t have a yeast infection. They also use them when they want. and don’t seek the guidance of their doctor. This means they are used for the incorrect amount of time, and in the wrong dosage.

Yeast is in you all the time

The Candida yeast that causes a yeast infection lives in your body all the time. The reason why you start suffering from an infection is because the yeast is allowed to mutate into a fungus that starts feeding on your body. You have a natural flora in your body that is balanced, and this keeps the yeast under control and in a harmless state.

WHen you start using Diflucan when you don’t need it you force the yeast to mutate. It does this as a natural defense that all of these organisms have. So you’ll end up creating an infection, and it will be a drug resistant yeast infection because that is what has created the infection. You won’t be able to use the drug that has caused the infection to cure it, so you’ll have to go to your doctor for a more powerful prescription anti fungal drug.