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Cure A UTI At Home

Curing a UTI at home has become the choice of treatments for more women now because of the side effects of antibiotics which are prescribed for every urinary tract infection. With this in mind, antibiotics are also the biggest cause of yeast infections, and this is another reason why so many women now want to avoid taking antibiotics for their UTI when they don’t need to.

Antibiotics and your health

Antibiotics are good at killing the E coli bacteria that causes urinary tract infections, the problem is antibiotics also kill every other living thing in your body, but some of these are there for your protection. Your friendly bacteria that keeps your immune system strong, and also fights off infection causing bacteria and fungus is destroyed by the antibiotics.

Once the antibiotics have killed the E coli and your friendly bacteria your body is a good environment for the Candida yeast to start causing problems which is why so many women now get yeast infections after curing a UTI.

Urinary tract infection home cure

To prevent a yeast infection from starting after you have cured your UTI you can use a urinary tract infection home remedy. A home remedy’s benefit is not only preventing a yeast infection but they also…

  • Cure your UTI a lot quicker ( 12 hours )
  • USe products purchased in your local supermarket
  • Strengthen your immunity against further infections
  • Are a lot more cost effective

The most successful UTI home cure is Mary Jo Barton’s 12 hour home remedy for urinary tract infections which has been created after plenty of research into the environment in which the E coli bacteria likes to live in. This UTI home remedy creates an environment that the E coli doesn’t like living in,a nd then it can no longer attach itself to the walls of your urethra and bladder.

Once the E coli has let go of your urethra and bladder you can easily flush it out of your body. All this takes just 12 hours, and you’re guided through the whole process of what to eat and drink and at what time.

Curing a UTI at home

You can read more information on this home UTI remedy here – Mary Jo Barton’s 12 Hour UTI Home Remedy.

Yeast Infection Testimonials

Reading some yeast infection testimonials can put you on the road to recovery faster than you think. So many men and women are searching the internet looking for a natural yeast infection cure, and are just not sure which one to go for. Everyone is a skeptic, and they have every reason to be when it comes to purchasing products on the internet. Once I cured my yeast infection I went out of my way to help other sufferers find the correct help as quickly as possible. This blog is my testimonial.

My yeast infection testimonial

I was in such a bad way when I was suffering from an intestinal yeast infection that I had to make a purchase online for something that would make me feel better. Living with a foggy brain and suffering with flu like symptoms every day is not enjoyable, so something had to be done. If you’re in the position I was in then you know that you’re doctor can longer help you, which to me was a time to start worrying, and this was on top of my unexplained symptoms.

Sarah Summer

I was so lucky in the fact that I came across Sarah Summer’s ebook, Natural Cure For Yeast Infections. It came with a full money back guarantee, but I was still not convinced. I purchased Sarah’s yeast infection cure, and started my new diet and anti Candida regime straight away. When I first used the program I started to feel worse, and I thought I had bought something that didn’t work so I emailed Sarah because she gives you one-to-one email support, and Sarah assured me I was going through the Candida die off period. Sarah is the expert so I carried on with everything she was telling me to do.

2 weeks later

I was going through this Candida die off period for 2 weeks. If you have bad intestinal yeast this is the process where the yeast is dying and the toxins from the dead yeast are moving around your blood with the toxins from the yeast that are infecting you so it just feels like you’re yeast infection is getting worse but in reality it’s a sign that you’re being cured. Anyway, 2 weeks later I started to feel better. My diet which took a little bit of getting used to ( as I enjoyed my sugar ) was starting to make me feel better, and I was gradually getting more energy almost every day.

Because of the detoxing period I would have the odd bad day where more toxins were being released, but in general I was beginning to get my health back.

2 months later

After 2 months I was a new person. My energy was the highest it had been for a very long time, my skin was clearer and I had lost weight. It had been an amazing experience.

Now I still continue with my anti Candida diet because once you realize what a healthy diet does to you, you’ll never go back. I owe it all to Sarah Summer and her Natural Cure For Yeast Infection ebook.

More yeast infection testimonials

You can read more yeast infection testimonials, and more about Sarah’s program here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.